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EDITORIALS: Now That Nigeria Has Grammy Winning Artistes What Should Artistes Do?


Now That Nigeria Has Grammy Winning Artistes What Should Artistes Do?

It is no longer news that Burna boy and Wizkid bagged awards at the just concluded 63rd annual Grammy award ceremony. This news is huge for Nigeria and her music industry because, all bets are off and it is no longer impossible to achieve this.
Without a doubt, Our music industry is on the frontline of the African music market; introducing new sounds and dance steps and Changing the culture. While the trophy is already on the shelf; it is very important to discuss and analyze all the necessary steps that were taken in-order to get to that point. Also, what aspiring artistes and fans need to do too.
Firstly, it is important for artistes to begin to understand the importance of authenticity in their sounds, regardless of the genre of music. An authentic artist is original and in this case produces music that captures the stories of where he or she is from. Twice as Tall is a complete package of African music , in its entirety it captures the Afro beat sounds while tapping into the challenges and fears of Nigerians. It celebrates our culture and sound and at the same time it projects the thoughts of the artiste.
Asides from being authentic, Artistes also need to make music that encompasses great message. Beyoncé, Blue ivy and Wizkid’s Grammy winning song “Brown skin girl” elevates the black girl in a world where there is a constant need to be light skin. The music celebrates beauty the brown skin and encourages women to be comfortable in their own skin.
Artistes should also be willing to work hard and project their music to the attention of the international community. There is a huge fan base of Nigerian music stars in Europe and the U.S this gives enough platform for acceptance. This also should be done without having to leave one’s originality in-order to please an international audience. This in turn attracts international record deals
At the height of it all, there has to be the zeal for breaking records, artistes should put passion in their music.
The Grammy is the biggest award in the music scene. It’s huge, despite tons of criticisms it has received from artistes, fans and others. It is still the best award in music. With Burna Boy and Wizkid wining this award, it is no longer a ridiculous dream to wish for this trophy
Finally, fans on the other hand should try and buy music on legal and legit platforms; this is one of the major Avenue where artistes can grow confidence that there are people willing to buy their music.

Written By: @NaomiDzeims


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