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FULL MUSIC: Bukunmi Oluwashina - Hey Child (Official Video)

 Bukunmi Oluwashina - Hey Child (Official Video)

Bukunmi, the talented actress and singer comes through with a brand new Rap single titled "Hey Child" and we totally love this different kind of vibe. 

Listen and share your thoughts below:

Download and Enjoy!

Download MP3: https://bit.ly/2PrOaSB Lyrics below; Hey child, I wrote this song for you. To prepare you for this journey, To motivate you when you are down, To remind where you are from, And most importantly, To remind you of who you are. Eeehhahhhh... Ehhahhh... I Wouldn’t lie I can’t wait to see your face 2012 Daddy and I already gave you a name. Your first move in my belly felt some kinda way. With joy, l pray and talk to you, rubbing my belly everyday. I know you‘re going to grow up to listen to this, It’s about the kinda life, the kinda world you coming in. I pray you have the wisdom to believe all your dreams, And the courage to wake up and achieve every bit of it. Still gonna hear the quote that life is not a bed of roses. But, Hey child, buy your bed, and put some roses on it. Cos You are a warrior not a worrier, skip the need to worry. And when you win, know it’s grace, and someone owns the glory. No one is perfect, that’s why we have pencils with erasers. So loosing sometimes is another chance of knowing better. The one who fell and rose is stronger than who never fell. No one is you. You are different, and that is your strength. So when your bad day comes, have the strength to face your fears. Cos, Mom didn’t just wakeup to become everything that you hear. Mom, lost, mom cried, but mom still believed. But mom never ever stop fighting on her kneels. Mom and dad had to work for everything you need. Cos, Living for someone aside yourself is what it means to live. You’ve got a lot to prove to yourself than to the world, So focus not on “ you winning” but how you truly won. Remember, if it were easy, everyone would do it. Respect your Dad love your mom and protect your siblings. And please remember; Right is right, even if no one is doing it. And wrong is wrong, even if it’s something everyone is doing. You are born to stand out. So don’t you ever try to fit in. And don’t give room for anyone to disrespect your family. “Family is Everything”. That’s what my Dad kept telling me. So, wherever you go, remember your home and all your family. You will grow to learn that not everyone will truly love you, But you don’t need everyone but only God to love you. Cos when he loves you, the ones who don’t would soon find a reason. I hope you know you are unstoppable, Unbeatable, untouchable. The child of the one unshakable. And I pray He keeps protect you. I pray, He keeps protecting you And I pray provides all that you need That He gives you wisdom to difference between what you want, And what you need. Between what’s kind and what’s right. Know how to fight on your kneels. I pray your health be strong. I pray your days be long. I pray you be a blessing to yourself and to the world. And mom and dad live long to see how great you’l become. God is your father And, you are special I want you to always remember that. Yours endlessly Mom. I love you. And I’m extending my love to Every kids out there. You Are Special. Ohhh ohh Ijo omo mo ji f’owuro mi jo o. Abiyamo f’eyin so. F’eyin so. The lovely new single has an amazing rap and lyrics and we totally love it.Share and Enjoy. Follow Bukunmi Oluwasina on Instagram and Twitter: https://instagram.com/bukunmioluwasina https://twitter.com/bukunmigrace1




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