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REVIEW: Apart From Lamba & Vanity, Olamide’s “Rock”, Is Feministic


Rock is any hedonistic pursuit meant for groove as it becomes realistic and is defined on the dance floor, it is perfectly normal and complete having great fun at any intensity with the opposite s3x, probably dancing and romancing, that is rock, and it becomes abnormally done and yields disgust when both parties become same-s3x as Rock is meant for a he and a she which becomes the exact place Olamide’s “Rock comes from to lend you a share of fun, the Lamba in between, the vanity, and also as it has been overlooked when it becomes a voice for feminist as well.

It’s speaking up in an, unlike manner that you have to listen in between lines to understand.

Olamide’s “Rock is a bunch of thoughts about a man and his woman and he put himself as the character chatting with a girl he met after a party.

It is a story actually which you should listen to and learn something new from.

Rock is appealing and has club worth because you can move as the young pretty girl dances just like my Ex, and she amplifies the art of dance through the simple visual experience directed by the iconic Nigerian director, Clarence Peters as I saw the art of dance completely through this pensive song’s video, every move, and twist, the bounce, and attitude which seeks to paint each Olamide’s lyrical experience.

The sonic experience draws from the percussions used in the creation of an Afrobeat song, it is beautiful and sweet to the ears with mild piano cuts in between that comes at ease and multiplies through a xylophonic kind of sound which comes and leaves in the beat to cool one’s temper while the percussions live in continuity with mild pop kicks to form the entirety of the sonic experience.

It is beautiful, visually, and lovely at the same time for the sake of the song’s essence which comes in diversity and is richly measured with the song’s theme.

The chorus explores and digs the fun and the intents of Olamide and this his girl.

“Girl I just want make we rock/Girl I just want make we vibe/Girl I just, girl I just want make we chill like ice water/Mi o mo bonshen gbe body o/Fit spend you my paper, after tonight I go like to dey see you later/Personal vendetta against me, cos of you I get many haters”, he opens the chorus to connect to you the story which seemed like a conversation between Olamide and this young pretty that is much like my Ex, Nessa, and he gives her a proper scope as to earn more of her love, and vibe while he seems to educate her mind on the first verse of the record, he says,

“Baby wetin you dey find for your life/Ma lo fe broke nigga, fight for your life/Roll with me make I blow your aza like Marilyn Monroe you too set/Every man want to open bonnet/No fit give but you want to collect/Better guy scarce like a cassette o”

The first verse precisely speaks to liberate his woman by spending on her and wiring her aza (account), I understand a general sense that it speaks for women and also offers advice to educate their mind by letting to understand what they want and probably go after it rather than settling for broke men.

Olamide talks to this young in his music and I generalize as well to make the scope worth of feminism.

He also offers the female child an opportunity to seek what they want because he understands naturally if they believe in it, they’d achieve it and that’s a part I think is more essential on this song apart from hedonism and rock as I’ve explained from the start of this story.

Rock is the lead single that Olamide teases for the introduction of his ninth studio album, UY Scuti, and if one pays very close attention they might attach greater meaning to this track, even visually it has only women in their various numbers making an attractive display apart from Olamide who rests in a car to smoke his blunts up and prepare to his girl, I believe this also tends to paints alongside Olamide’s regularly profound essence that leans on lending his fun, and Lamba, meanwhile it goes deeper than; ‘Rock’ also indirectly lends a voice for a feminist.

Listen carefully, you’d understand, watch the videos as and you’d love Woman in their fleet having to freely explore and “Rock’ beyond the Lamba rock comes from.




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