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SHOCKING: Simi’s Duduke Music Video Gets 11,000+ Dislikes


SHOCKING: Simi’s Duduke Music Video Gets 11,000+ Dislikes

Take a look at the photo below.

That is a screenshot I did on YouTube of the music video of Simi‘s successful song, “Duduke”.

She released the song in April 2020, just before lockdown in May, at the heart of the pandemic. By far, this song was a hit! And as at today, it has grossed over 43 million views on YouTube alone!

It was a viral sensation! I loved the song. Many folks loved it. She made good money from YouTube.

But I want you to take another look at the photo. Take a look at the part I circled “red.”

Did you notice something? That is the number of people who gave the song a “thumbs down,” more or less like a disapproval.

11,000 people gave it a thumbs down! 11,000 ke! But one would wonder why would anyone give such a lovely song a thumbs down. How can? But that tells you something about life.

No matter how good you think you are or how good what you have done is, you’ll attract critics You will always attract people who do not agree with you or buy into your vision or contributions

You will attract the rebels, naysayers or those who simply don’t share in what you hold dearly. That’s fine.

So know this and know peace. Not everyone would like you. But did you notice that the 11,000 dislikes are also part of the 43m views?

That’s another lesson in life. To excel, you need those dislikes too.

They add to the flavour of your victory. I like the way Conor Mcgrenor puts it.

He says and I quote: “This week they love you. Next week they hate you. Just make sure you get paid both weeks.”

Written by Chinonso Ogbogu


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