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🔥Wait🔥The 2019 Prophecy about the Nation & Presidential coming to reality said by Prophet JOHNCHRIS WTD (Video)


Speaking about the power shifting to the hand of the Igbos and see a great loss that will want to divide the nation by PROPHET DR JOHNCHRIS (WTD)(VIDEO)

Am prophet Dr. Johnchris WTD, Who prophesied over Belview and Sosoliso crash on vol 2 number 22 of the Week Magazine and Weekly Treasure of Nov 14th 2005.

 He also predicted the emergence of Togolese President and Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha in Daily Independent pg29 May 20th 2011 and also spoke about a ship that capsized in Europe on PG48 in SUN newspaper April 30th 2011. The prophet JCC also spoke about the Dana plane crash in one of his services andeven described how it fell on a building..he spoke about COVID  in 2020 “I see a deadly disease that almost destroyed many , but at the end mercy showed up, 

On 31st of October @ mercy nation worldwid @ 11:22am

Prophet WTD warned about a major loss Lagos will experience , this were his words , pls pray I see blood shed and a building collapse that took lives cheaply , let’s pray our love ones are not going to be affected.

Of a truth our God is too much , and his mercies endures for ever

AMTENTENTAIN.COM Recalled, Prophet Dr John chris advice the nation to drop there guns and we should all come together to from one Nigeria 

The miracles that God as been working through the anointed man of God WTD Dr Johnchris:

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