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Uche Ogbodo under fire for defending false rape accuser

 Uche Ogbodo, a Nigerian actress, received harsh backlash on social media when she criticized a guy for requesting that a woman who threatened to falsely accuse him of rape be prosecuted.

Richard Osita had criticized the Nigerian Police on his Instagram story for dismissing his appeal against his blackmailer, Bella Nwoko.

Osita called Bella out on social media this weekend and uploaded a video of her apologizing for falsely accusing him of rape in 2021.

Despite the apology, Osita said he was at the police station to complain against Bella but the officers did not take him seriously because it was a “female on male crime.”

Uche Ogbodo responded on her Instagram page, criticizing Osita for being vengeful and persistent in punishing his former buddy despite her public apology.

She asserted that Osita had no case because the woman just threatened to accuse the man of rape but didn't actually do so.

"Richard, you need to calm down with your vengeful manner," she wrote. She made a threat to accuse you, but she never did, and then she apologized. then forgive her and go on! Stop encouraging evil and cruel people to wreck other people's life in the name of "I am right."
Ogbodo also criticized Osita for disparaging the Nigerian Police in his remarks.

What kind of character is this guy? What do you want her to pay for? for holding off on executing a threat? Nah, you've even announced am on social media. Richard, abeg shift!" she yelled.

Her coworkers and followers reacted negatively to her comment.

"Na lying!" Mary Njoku retorted. She has to take the fallout. Someone's life, career, and reputation can all be permanently destroyed by a false rape charge! Any time you look up his name, rape can come up. And his "not being interested in her" was his guilt. She should be imprisoned.

Similar to this, Daddy Freeze wrote: "My sister, would you say the same thing if na rape dem rape women and she seeks justice? Just a question.

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