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Wande Coal – “Legend Or No Legend” Album Review

 Wande Coal’s third studio album, “Legend Or No Legend”, was released on May 18. Notably, Wande Coal released his second album, “Wanted”, eight years ago, as well as his first EP, “Realms”, three years ago – both were distributed by his own record company, Black Diamond.

It’s remarkable to note that Wande Coal has largely succeeded as a solo artist and is not really renowned for having a collaborative instinct. In fact, On all 23 songs on his second album, Wande Coal performed the tracks alone. However, with “Legend Or No Legend”, the talented Nigerian musician widens the door to collaboration by enlisting both the veteran – Wizkid and Olamide – and emerging – Fireboy DML – musicians of Nigerian Afrobeats music. The American T-Pain – a Westward-leaning song that has been discussed as a collaboration since 2021 – also featured on Wande Coal’s elite tracks on the album.

Read on as we highlight and give a detailed track-by-track review of the “Legend or No Legend” album by Nigerian superstar, Wande Coal.

Detailed Track-by-Track Review of Legend or No Legend by Wande Coal

Nobody Holy” is an inspirational track by Wande Coal that soothes his listeners. He basically says, you should be yourself but you don’t have to be flawless. Nobody is flawless, and Wande Coal is not perfect either, but he is aware of his uniqueness. Therefore, Wande Coals utilizes the song to highlight his uniqueness since he believes that everyone should take charge of their lives and be there for everything.

Come My Way” – Wande Coal acknowledged that he was in fact broke when he began recording this single. The chance to come out and make that song came at a time when he was going through a lot. The amapiano feel of the beat was ideal, and he already had this title. According to what Wande Coal says in the song, even though others don’t want him to succeed financially, God will make it so as long as he works hard enough. “This song is very special to me because the message I’m saying is actually everything that’s happening right now,” the superstar said.

3 Square Meal” – Wande Coal portrayed himself as having everything in this song. Like, everything in his mind is top-notch, complete with private aircraft and a Hollywood lifestyle. It’s like God has bestowed fulfilment on him. Furthermore, the song’s title, “3 Square Meal,” refers to his earlier desire of being able to provide daily meals for everyone, not just himself. He just tried to see himself as one of the current big boys in the game.

Dues” is self-explanatory, though listeners will probably ask, ‘What is he saying?’ Notably, the music is going to surprise a lot of people, in my opinion. A lot of people are going to find the vocal texture to be really explosive in the first place because the tune is quite different.

E Choke” is essentially Wande Coal stating that he has dawg in him and that his skill is limitless. The amazing tune was produced by Kel-P and the song has that UK bounce to it. In this song, Wande Coal can be considered flexing his musical prowess by adding his vintage sounds. Also, considering his music is relevant to everyone, both current and future, the Afrobeats star uses the song to reach out to all of his admirers.

Let Them Know” is a song for the ladies. How often do women say, “You think it’s about words, what are you gonna do for me?” On this track, Wande Coal is attempting to convey to the girls that although he is a bit shy and may never approach them, he is a man who can do a lot of wonderful things for her. Like, “He has plans for you; just don’t tell them!” “Show, don’t tell” is how he acts.

“Streets (feat. T-Pain)” – The opportunity of this good track was already looming since Wande Coal and Kel-P had previously recorded the chorus of “Streets”. The record company called Wande Coal and said, “How would he feel if T-Pain jumped on a record?” He pondered, “I know he’s musically special, but which song would he be able to jump on?” He said he didn’t hear anything, and after that, they simply sent him the vocals back. And they created a unique song.

“Kpe Paso (feat. Olamide)” – This isn’t Wande Coal and Olamide’s first record together, and they’ve always had a vibe. Wande Coal mentioned that while he was in the studio with Kel-P, he called Olamide to come through with a verse. Then Wande mumbled his melodies because that’s what he does: mumble then write to the melodies. They heard the beat, and he had just heard Olamide do the hook. The rest is history and a hit from there.

Ebelebe (feat. Wizkid)” – This is an iconic tune from the veteran duo. The song has been praised by music lovers since Wande Coal dropped the song along with his recent album, “Legend or No Legend”. Who doesn’t love a Starboy feature?

Genesis” – This can easily be one of anyone’s album favorites, it’s really an album feature song. I also simply feel that the “Genesis” track is sending a message. Such as “Wande Coal claiming he has been here, he is still doing it, and he is killing the game as well” – I believe that is exactly what he is trying to convey on this track.

“Jabo (feat. Fireboy DML)” – This is a very good collaborative track on the “Legend or No Legend” album, as we know Fireboy is skilled at composing and making up songs on the go. Plus, naturally, Fireboy can sound like Wande Coal with quite ease. You’ll appreciate this song even more after you realize it. Wande Coal should be pleased that he has influenced many upcoming musicians, especially the satisfaction of knowing that his music is classical and will influence many new musicians who will introduce Nigerian and African music to the rest of the globe.

Sho Ma Gba” – For the fans and listeners of Wande Coal, “Sho Ma Gba” is a danceable song that will keep everyone grooving. The song’s message begs you to vibe in addition to being catchy party music. Sending a message that you should make sure you are clear about what you want and take it.

Don’t Feel Love” is a good love song with a possibly gloomy theme – you want a relationship to work out, but sometimes it simply doesn’t. In order to please others, you shouldn’t overextend yourself and hurt yourself. Wande Coal just manages to integrate the subject into the music, which is why the song begins with “Love is wicked/Brick and Lace!”

Final Thoughts

The Black Diamond – Wande Coal – incorporates a variety of sounds into his falsetto-enshrouded Afrobeats, including fuji, amapiano, baile funk, cloud rap, and indie pop. He also attaches no limitations to his pleasing expressions.Most of the tracks on this new album lack the percussive intensity of the tunes that launched his reputation, though.

This album’s production, by Kel-P, Dunnie, Bruno, K-Dreams, and P.Priime, creates a predominantly relaxed musical experience.  The subject matter of this album and Coal’s earlier work are similar, nevertheless. It seems Wande Coal – now 37 – still desires the same things he did at age 20: love, sex, money, and respect. Plus , releasing this album is a means to reassert his position in Nigerian pop music, just in case anyone has forgotten.

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