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My Bariga, My Home

Have you heard about The B-Festival ?

What is it all about?

The B-Festival which is the Bariga Festival is
the creation of the most affecting and life transforming sociocultural event in one of the historical towns in cosmopolitan Lagos.
 This is Bariga Festival (B-Festival). A grand event which planning and structuring had began in the year 2009, with focus on, not only the rebranding the image and institutions of Bariga, but reviving the history, culture and lifestyle through research and documentaries, entertainments and arts, sports and fashion, education and leaderships.

B-Festival is created to be an annual event to be held in Bariga Town with the supports and participation leaders, entrepreneurs, residents and other stakeholders within and outside Bariga.
The B-Festival has a motto which goes like this
     B-Festival!..... Transforming our Bariga.

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Thank you. 

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