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5 Reasons Why Naira Marley’s Jail Time Is Good For His Career

5 Reasons Why Naira Marley’s Jail Time Is Good For His Career

When Naira Marley was picked up by the EFCC last month, the Nigerian music and entertainment scene became quite a lot busy as the saga on a daily basis featured on all social media timelines and became a selling point for all major entertainment blogs.
The case became even more of a public and controversial issue when the EFCC announced that the singer would be charged to court to answer to an 11-count charge levelled against him by the anti-graft agency.
Looking at this saga which has lasted even up till this moment, there is the projection that the case has had a negative effect on Naira Marley as many people now see him as a criminal even though he hasn’t been established by the court to be one
However, looking away from the negative effects, we have decided to look out for how the case has had a positive effect on the singer and his career. And that is why we have opted to bring you 5 benefits Naira Marley has had and still having due to his case with the EFCC.
  • POPULARITY: Naira Marley’s case with the EFCC has helped boost his popularity as an artist. When the singer first came in with his 2018 hit single, “Issa Goal,” he was majorly unknown and even after he did the remix with Olamide, Falz & Simi, the benefit he had was that he became fairly unknown. But when the “Yahoo Yahoo” saga came up coupled with his arrest by the EFCC as well as the court case, he became a major popular figure as his name surpassed boundaries within the country.
  • GREATER ATTENTION TO MUSIC: The singer’s case with the EFCC has brought a lot of fans’ attention to his music, due to the case, he now gets very high music downloads when any is released. Fans have even gone back to his past music to have them downloaded again as many want to know exactly who the singer is, what is music sounds like and the collaborations he’s had. for Instance, when he released his song “Am I A Yahoo Boy” featuring Zlatan, it had great attention at first, but the attention multiplied when the EFCC issue came up. This is evident in why the video of the song has amassed 2.6 million views on YouTube.
  • UNRIVALED STREET CREDIBILITY: Since the singer’s EFCC case, he has had the biggest mentions on the street, even the likes of Olamide, Small Doctor who have been present in the music industry for a  number of years before Naira’s breakthrough have now been dethroned by the UK based singer. His street credibility right now seems to be second to none as he has now established himself as the biggest name on the street.
  • ESTABLISHMENT OF A MOVEMENT (MARLIAN): The Marlian movement although have been present before the singer’s case with the EFCC but it has helped to be made a proper movement or culture by the saga. We have seen videos, images of fans across social media draw a tattoo of the singer and the Marlian word on their bodies as well as proudly declare themselves as advocates of the movement. All have been aided by the EFCC saga.
  • COMMERCIAL SUCCESS: There is no way Naira Marley’s songs would be having a lot of downloads and streams without financial gains following. Since his case with the EFCC has opened up ways for a lot of streams for his music, it automatically makes ways for him to cash in as well. The revenue he gets from music during this saga with EFCC has skyrocketed the figures in his bank account definitely. It’s a positive thing for him.

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