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ENT NEWS: “All Artistes Were Paid At The Homecoming Except Burna Boy” – Mama Burna


“All Artistes Were Paid At The Homecoming Except Burna Boy” – Mama Burna

Burna Boy’s Mother, Bose Ogulu has cleared the air following accusations that Burna Boy was paid at his Homecoming concert in Rivers State. She revealed to the world that Burna Boy wasn’t Paid at the Homecoming, all he got was Honor.

The Momager in a recent interview with Channels Tv Rubbin’ Mind hosted by Ebuka shared this and more. The show starts with her explaining how she became Burna Boy’s Manager, having to manage him, and also doing her parenting obligation.

Burna Boy started in 2010 from Port Harcourt. Even before he took the name, he asked me to manage him. So, I’ve always managed him. It just wasn’t a full-time thing because I was raising kids and had bills to pay.

most of his bookings. I’ve always been there but I hadn’t been involved in the day-to-day [tasks]. He was with the label; they had a road manager.

And he seemed on top of things. So I was just managing him and protecting his interest. I think I went full-time in 2017 because it just became evident that the day-to-day and other things I wasn’t handling were not going as well.

And I had more time, fewer kids going to school that I had to pay bills for. And his business could evidently grow to pay me. It was a question of, ‘this guy is honestly the most talented person I’ve met in the last decade or more.

I just thought, ‘I can’t help you with talent, but I can help with everything else.’………“.

After sharing her Managerial experience with Ebuka, She moved to Burna Boy winning the Grammy, and answered some crucial questions about his Homecoming concert.

Ebuka switching to politics asked her to clear the air about the talks of fans criticizing Burna Boy for receiving money and gifts from the same Government he sings against. Mama Burna shared;

“So the first thing, money wasn’t paid, by the way, it was paid to everyone else but him, everyone else who came to perform was paid but him because they were honoring him, he wasn’t been paid to be there… It’s only a bastard like people say that refusing honor in his father’s house…”

Watch the full interview below



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