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REVIEW: “World” Sounds Like Opener Track To Bella Shmurda’s Forthcoming High Tension EP, 2


In “World”, the talented Nigerian singer, Bella Shmurda, who loves to make his listeners with street components that takes form from, hustling, cashing out, and enjoying ones-life and everything that it comes with through the piece of his music, now has shown his strength and a desire to press on despite whatever that surrounds him and his career; he focuses on being himself, and he tells the story about the major influence that swindles people in the world where they live in from believing and completely being themselves.

The beauty about “World” is that Bella understands how society directly or indirectly influences people, and most times they end up wearing a mask to fit in because they probably want to please the people living around them one way or another and Bella makes this music to quench that thirst and a hunger to want to be like another person; I made money and you envy me and then you rush into quick money schemes to satisfy society at the detriment of your peace of mind, you are simply putting a coat that’s not your size, you covet, and perhaps cross the line to feel among and continue to loop in similar situations that makes one far from what they are.

There’s a lot to describe and they are the original beauty in Bella Shmurda’s “World.

Bella Shmurda, makes this World unfold with great self-expression, with an unkind belief in self, and how he feels about people; the music draws from the depth of his myriad experience about society and its dwellers.

He sings each verse to express great depth, depositing the perfect image and a story that should be the best opener for his forthcoming extended play, he sings:   ”Men marry men, women marry women/Nobody fear God, only scared of death/Pastors using black power/Father making love to his daughter/See people going to church of Satan/Rich man worshipping Lucifer.”

Shmurda draws his sonic experience from Afro-structural suction and pop-infused emblem that kicks un-wackily beneath the hard-hitting pop production as it comes alongside an intriguing video directed by the notable Nigerian video director, AJE, who tuned the video completely, depicting his lyrical depths. Every scene recollects each lyric and materializes the essence of the record, brilliantly.

World” is an apt mishap that I understood would make a perfect opener track on Bella’s forthcoming project entitled, “High Tension EP, 2”, he has become a very sturdy definition of a talented star who simmers street experiences and tell its story’s brilliantly, he expresses self with this music and it’s an unlikely sonic element as I’ve always focused on his art as a developing figure which grows from street hop and distinguished pop sonic sediments.

Shmurda loves street music and he rarely finds a complication to create them alongside exquisite, pop songs.

He can be a pop star and a street star simultaneously as “World” is the point where he has chosen and decided, being himself no matter what society demands from him when he understands his capacity as I’ve told you just now.

He doesn’t find a complication to create music to your satisfaction being himself, at every point, you just have to love him for this strong resolve he makes through the world to be himself, irrespective of societal differences and catastrophe.



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