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How Tiwa Savage Should Have Handled The Leaked Sex Tape, ‘Changed The Narrative’…


October should be renamed Tiwa Savage. I mean, no celebrity in the entertainment industry has trended like Mummy Jam Jam in the last 24 hours. Seyi Shay didn’t even come close after she posted her nude photos on IG in 2020. How she managed to divert attention from Tonto – Janemena’s wahala, Wizkid MIL’s Tour and 2baba- Brymo lawsuit is something that shouldn’t be studied because we all know what and how she did it.

Yesterday, Tiwa’s sex tape was leaked online (Special thanks to Gistlover) and it is amazing what a 10 seconds clip can do to one’s reputation.

Let’s be honest, Tiwa Savage actually forewarned the world about the existence of her sex tape. In her shocking interview, Tiwa Savage revealed that her lover/boyfriend “mistakenly” uploaded her sex tape on Snapchat and unsurprising, a pervert got a hold of it and decided to blackmail her.

Social media users especially Nigerians, thought Tiwa Savage was capping (lying or faking) the whole sex tape gist. Comments like “Tiwa get sex tape?”, “Tiwa is lying, she just wants to promote her new song”, “Tiwa post the tape, we want to see something” were flying in from different angles.

The blackmailer must have sold the video to Gistlover who wasted no time in posting the video and boom! Tiwa’s added a new tag to her name #thenigeriansingerwhosesextapeleaked

Even with the heads up, Nigerians are yet to get over the shock of seeing Tiwa Savage in that intimate, yet disturbing clip. Personally, I don’t think anyone will see Tiwa Savage in the same light after watching that video.

While some like the culprit herself have turned the sex tape scandal to cruise, there are others who used the tape as an opportunity to trend on social media. Some who were more aggrieved have taken to social media to bash, drag and if given the opportunity, they will beat Tiwa Savage.

The damage that 10 seconds sex tape has wrecked might be fixed, but it won’t be forgotten. There are rumors that the brands her son and herself are ambassadors to are cutting ties with her. Ouch!

How did Tiwa get too deep into this ugly mess, and who should take the blame? 

While others would like to assign the blame to her boyfriend, I am blaming Tiwa Savage with my full chest.

Recall that a few hours before the tape was leaked, Tiwa took to Instagram to call out the controversial blogger, Gist lover. She informed us that Gistlover is her black mailer and was ranting about how much Gistlover hates her. She went ahead to brag about how she had changed the narrative, Is singing… ‘O fi oko yen se’mi lese’ (which translate to – he used his d*ck to wound/injure me) at ‘Eko On Show’ changing the narrative???

A blackmailer is a blackmailer. Authorities also tell kidnapped victims not to provoke their kidnappers and there is always a reason for it. 

Tiwa didn’t change the narrative, she only provoked her blackmailer to share the 10 seconds clip and guess what? There is still more from where that came from.

With all these being said, how would Tiwa have changed the narrative and handled this mess better; 

    1. By not having a sex tape. It’s simple, no sex tape, no drama, no black mailer. This is 2021 for God’s sake who in this era still makes a sex tape? How good is the sex that you’ll have to film it? I mean, looking at it from Tiwa’s angle, she didn’t record it, her boyfriend did. The video was recorded when they went on a boat cruise and in someone’s words, “Tiwa was cornered for a quickie”. The video clearly shows that Tiwa was drunk (intoxicated) and well, you know the rest….


    1. Tiwa should have thrown her boyfriend under the bus. Someone asked, “what’s so special about this guy that she is protecting?”. Everyone said love, but think of it guys, Tiwa was in love with the father of her son, but she wasted no time in flinging and literally running over him with her bus when their marriage was in shambles. So what makes this one special? Why is she protecting someone that made a sex tape only showing her face in the heat of the moment? Why will he do that to her and ladies, would you still defend and protect someone like this when ‘push comes to shove?’. Personally, I feel Tiwa should have blamed him and to make matters interesting, take him to court. Whether the sex was consensual or not, he still invaded her privacy.


    1. Tiwa’s management should have done a better job handling this mess. I mean, they did better when it was Tiwa and Teebillz and you can remember how the tables turned and people were supporting Tiwa. Yes, Mummy Jam Jam is in love, but her reputation and career are on the line. Why protect a relationship where her boyfriend made a tape without her consent and ‘mistakenly’ shared on Snapchat?… Come to think of it, how do someone mistakenly share a a sex tape on Snapchat. Like how??? Back to her management, they should have counselled her better, encourage Tiwa to blame the guy, sue the guy, make an official press release saying Tiwa had a little too much to drink and wasn’t herself. Make Tiwa Apologize for the embarrassment and collect her phone from her. Yes, they should seize her phone, those ‘I am not bothered posts’ are fueling the matter.


    1. She should have just told the world she was drunk- blame everything on Alcohol. We watched the video, it is pretty obvious that Tiwa wasn’t herself, but it doesn’t change the fact that Tiwa still has a sextape on the internet. She should have just blamed alcohol, apologized to the public, looked remorseful and in a few weeks, it will pass. Even if she won’t do it for herself, she should consider her son who will grow up to hear ‘I watched your Mummy’s sex tape’ .What about Brandy who she featured on her song, this news is also affecting her and her brand, I mean no one wants to be associated with bad press or publicity.


    1. The last one, Gistlover. Hmmmm let’s take a deep breath. Social media users know that once you find yourself on that blog, it’s over for you. I don’t want to drop names of people whose marriages ended after she called out their cheating partners. From the not so friendly banter between Tiwa and Gistlover, we were able to know that Gistlover had warned Tiwa about the sex tape before it was sold to her. When Tiwa 
      1. didn’t dance to his/her tune, he/she posted it. From Tiwa’s post, it is pretty obvious what made Gistlover share the post is because of her ‘Eko on Show’ performance. Person tell you say she get your sex tape, you go on stage dey dance…… Are you kidding me?? And you came online to brag about changing the narrative. I know she shouldn’t act like her life is over, but you shouldn’t also brag about something like a leaked sex tape.
    2. Never negotiate with blackmailers. Tiwa might have scored a 9/10 from this test, but she failed others. She didn’t do what they wanted her to do, yes, she warned us about the tape, but how? How is she handling the mess now? Should Tiwa have paid her blackmailers? Those of you saying yes might not know this, but the interesting thing about blackmail is this- you pay the first time, you pay to cover up for paying for the first time, you continue paying to cover up your secret until the black mailer is satisfied or dead. Even if the black mailer is dead, another person whom the black mailer must have told your secret will continue from where he stopped blackmailing you. So why pay the money? How are we sure that if Tiwa had paid millions, the black mailer won’t post the video?


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