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Burna Boy explains why he showed up late for his Lagos concert

 Self-titled African Giant, Burna Boy has spoken hours after a disastrous outing for his Love Damini concert in Lagos, Nigeria. 

In the early hours of Monday 2nd January 2023, Nigerians who attended Burna Boy’s concert took to Twitter to complain about his lateness to come on stage. The singer showed up at around 3:30 am in the morning after fans waited over 7 hours to watch him perform.

The “Last Last” hitmaker did not just show up late but cursed his fans who booed him for late coming. He said, “na God go punish una” while he was on stage as the crowd booed. There was also a video where he kicked a fan in the front row.

With all the bad PR from the concert, the singer has spoken up to clear the air. He took to Instagram to give an explanation for how the concert in Lagos turned out.

“The organizational structure and infrastructure is not there for the complexities of my audio and production.”, he wrote. He said he had three choices and the lesser evil was waiting until the sound got fixed before he performed. He also debunked the idea that he was late for his show.

Read through his message below.

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