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Obasanjo storms INEC collection center in Abuja with the real results of all the 36 state and FTC

 Obasanjo invades the INEC data collection facility in Abuja with the actual findings from all 36 states and the FTC

The INEC chairman requested the suspension of the presidential election after Obasanjo unexpectedly arrived in Abuja with the original sheet of results for all States from the 2023 election. It is still unclear how Obasanjo obtained the results and how he acquired the INEC SERVER password.

According to the initial results that Obasanjo had with him, Obi won by a margin of 10 million votes, and Atiku came in second place, 4 million votes ahead of Tinubu, who was unable to secure the necessary 25% of the vote in each state.

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