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Ruger Boasts: “My Album Will Silence A Lot Critics”


When Nigerian musician Michael Adebayo Olayinka, also known as Ruger on stage, announced the release of his debut album, fans looked forward with some skepticism as well. After all, they were familiar with the verbal and musical duel between the celebrity and his well-known adversary, BNXN.

I promise that this record will put a lot of people out of their misery.

Ruger may be attempting to demonstrate with this album that he is as as talented of a hit maker as his rival, BNXN, in a subtly jab at the latter. Obviously, no names were stated specifically, but the implications are obvious.

Given the level of talent and energetic vibes associated with Ruger, there is an expectation that this new album will be the start of something special. It is exciting to think of the new possibilities that this project will set in motion, and how it is perhaps a sign of a shift in the music scene of the country. With any luck, this album will be a gateway to many opportunities, collaborations and projects that Ruger, as well as the industry, can benefit from.

Though the release date of this album has not been announced yet, it is already apparent that this album is something to look forward to. Whether its purpose is to prove a point, stimulate creativity, or just to have some fun, fans can expect the best from Ruger in this upcoming project.

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