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Nigerians demand Guinness World Record announcement for Hilda Baci's record-breaking achievement

 Many Nigerians have voiced their displeasure on the Guinness World Records website on the delay in recognizing Hilda Baci as the new record holder. A chef named Hilda Baci just broke Lata Tondon's previous record for the longest cooking marathon, which lasted 87 hours, 45 minutes.

Hilda Baci's new record has not yet received an official announcement from Guinness World Records. Before verifying the record formally, they have said they must carefully analyze all the facts.

However, Guinness World Records' response appears to have dissatisfied Nigerians, as the country's citizens have deluged the organization's official page with criticism and complaints.

The following are a few of the posted comments:

I hope you won't use a technicality to disqualify her, @JAG II ESQ.

@Ugly Mofo: "We will roast you on Twitter for 96 hours when Hilda finishes cooking if you don't give timely, accurate updates."

@KVNG KLEV: "I hope your Bureau of Vital Statistics (BVAS) is operating effectively. I also hope Yakubu from INEC is not your investigator. Keep your hands off of our record.

@Lawrence_okoro: "Dear Guinness Book of World Records, I ask that you conduct your reviews impartially. Make it known that Hilda Bassey Effiong holds the current world record.

@Mbah: "Sir, please confirm this matter immediately; our patience is waning."

"This tweet is incredibly insensitive and unprofessional," said @Funmi. It smells like hypocrisy.

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